the solution to averting conflict in mutual matters after divorce
set aside confrontation and use The Kidz app
to manage the nitty gritty details
divorce can be ugly and complicated, the result is often a complete breakdown in communication.
This can be resolved by using a neutral 3rd party.

The stress that can arise with co-parenting added to the everyday life juggling work, family and school commitments, the Kidz app aims to remove the emotion and potentially stressful engagements between divorced parents.

The platform allows parents to share scheduled events with each other, request activities such as collections, drop off and appointments within the platform. New expenses can be communicated and agreement sought between parents prior to commitments being made with suppliers.

This can be done with a simple swipe for agreement and a decline with opportunity to qualify the cost not being covered. All activities relating to finances are tracked and logged on the app and allows the user to retrieve reports that can be used for maintenance claims, attorney briefings and medical or tax claims.

how is this going to make my life easier?

avert conflict by using The Kidz App

keep a clear, open line of communication

no misunderstandings about responsibilities

full transparency both ways
provides clarity on responsibilities
with a simple and intuitive interface.
Set up a mutual understanding
The Kidz app will simplify the co-parenting landscape significantly by allowing parents to raise issues, engage on shared financial commitments and clarity their commitment to the Kidz.

When starting to use the Kidz app both parents are able to agree to the parameters of their settlement agreement, visitation and maintenance amounts.

Once these structures have been specified and agreed by both parties, the app then allows parents to track and share expenses on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.
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What You Get With The Kidz App
The Kidz app will add value to your daily life by simplifying contentious relationships, streamlining daily activities relating to the kidz and through this allow for relationships to ultimately mend and allow to be centred around the children and not the issues that exist between the parents.
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